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Bee Venom

Loving my new Bee Venom Pendant 🐝. I have suffered with lyme for a long time. When the lyme bacteria is highly active, the pendant tends to calms down the infection and my body gets this relaxed feeling when I have it on. Thought you’d like to know.

~ Robin


I am still wearing pendant from the bee, combating my neuropathy pain and helps me from having anxiety attacks. Which I often had each day. Reduced my pain a lot. No more bursitis, energizes me! And very calming to me. Doing yard work for first time in a year. 

~ LK


I wanted to give you a quick update about the Bee Venom necklace:   Before, not sleeping much at night, getting up many times during the night. But now, I am sleeping good every night!  Before, tired, fatigued, stressed and depressed. But now I wake up FULL of energy!   


Totally totally off my anxiety medication and sleeping pills! I’m not taking them for over two weeks. I have been feeling fantastic soon after wearing your wonderful bee necklace. Some detox but not bad, wear just 2 hours a day. time.  I LOVE it all.  The 1st few times I put on the necklace I got REAL nauseous..and all over a bad feeling. I left it on couple of hrs, took it off,  same again next day.  But now I am fine.  Just two weeks ago I couldn't even stand up straight with my back pain and sore legs and hip...this week I am soo much better! 

I am so grateful for this pendant and thankful to you! 


~ Pat

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