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HGH Energy Booster

Just had a phone call from a professional athlete who is in competition bodybuilding. He’s only wore the pendant for 4 weeks. He gained 20 pounds of muscle mass and lost 10 pounds of fat. His energy level skyrocketed. He’s lifting more now than he’s ever has. His energy stability and recovery is off the charts. He said he has taken every single supplement that’s ever made or sold and nothing compares to this HGH pendant, and what he achieved was unbelievable. He said he’s making a YouTube video and telling the world about it.



My son is in school track, he has been using your energy HGH necklace. He’s broken all his records, each race he continues to break his old records! I need to buy two more! One for my other son and one for my husband. When can you ship them out? Do you need my card number?”

I am so excited! Your metabolic HGH pendant dropped my blood sugar 13 pts in 20 min.  Will keep better track! Will give you more information this week.


~ Lydia



I’m 59 years old and have been a gym Enthusiast since age 19. I’ve always stayed in reasonable good shape but now Very impressed by the HGH/sports pendant. Not only am I showing bulk and definition, my strength is going through the roof! This morning I checked my body composition ratio and was pleased that my fat percentage has reduced from 22% to 19% this past month. Looking forward to trying some of the other pendants! 


I’m 74 years old and I go to the gym 4-5 days per week, doing 2 sets with 12 reps of various weight lifting exercises.  Since I put on the Energy Booster Pendant approximately 2 weeks ago my energy level has increased substantially and I’ve increased my regimen to 3 sets with an increase in weight and keeping the same repetitions.  Thank you for introducing me to this optimum energy device. 

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