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Get Skinny

I have been fasting on and off for about a year with dismal results. Lost five pounds in first week of metabolic skinny pendant! Sweating more consistently again and my temp is more normal range more often in the last week. Usually 96-97.x first thing in the am, was 98.3 this am. Yay!

Skinny weightloss pendant is a miracle. My friend Rick told me that I would experience dramatic reduction in hunger and urge to snack. He was spot on! My first week, I have lost 5 pounds and waist line has shrunk....down a belt loop. Looking forward to further results!



I started wearing your "Get Skinny" pendant soon after I received it in the mail. I lost about five pounds in the first week and noticed that I was no longer always wanting to snack as before. Incredibly this happened after about 3 days, I had no hunger or desire to eat, and I definitely had to remind myself to eat. It seem too powerful for me, so I started wearing the pendant every other day. Still working, I am still not very hungry, and have to make myself eat.  So far, after two weeks I have lost eight pounds without changing my activity level. Because of being an older woman and having bad knees, it’s always been difficult for me to lose weight, this is totally amazing!
I love having this wonderful technology.

I’ve been on the weight loss now for one week… I have lost 3 pounds. This is real as my diet has not changed and my work schedule has not allowed me to get out and exercise much this week. I am quite impressed👍

~ Mike

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