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Viral and Parasite

Tony - 60+ years old man, got COVID back in December 2019. After full recovery, 2-3 months later develop high anxiety, depression, and memory loss. Never had this problem before, was typically a happy outgoing person.

Suffering now for a year, his doctor had him on a anti-depressant, only helped a little with symptoms. 

He got a pendant and started to wear it. Had mild detox for the first three days. The fourth day he reported all anxiety, depression and heaviness in the brain totally gone! His memory problems starting to improve after 2nd week of wearing pendant. Has not had to take his anti-depressants any longer. Tony said he really feels amazing, mentally happy and positive again. 


I got Covid in Feb 2021, while I was still dealing with my multiple auto-immune conditions. I noticed I was feeling off neurologically & somewhat anxious, in addition to the residue of stuffiness & intermittent loss of smell. My friend highly suggested wearing the Bio-Pendant to remedy and improve corona virus affects. As soon as I put it on, I felt a sense of CALMNESS, & didn’t correlate it to the Pendant, until next morning when I put it on again & had that instant feeling of calmness! Over the next days, I saw continued improvement with sinus relief, & likely protection from the other variants. I would highly recommend this as a preventative measure and protection.


Grandmother had COVID, slowly recovering, still many symptoms, in bed. After she put the pendant on, most of her symptoms disappeared after just one day! She was alert, smiling, talking, eating and walking around the house like nothing had happened to her. Her family was shocked and amazed at her improvement!


Just put on my new COVID pendant and my sinuses immediately drained! What kind sorcery is this!?


”I have had some extraordinary results from the Virus and Parasite Pendant. I had crusting and dark circles around each of my eyes, swollen under each eye area, all gone in three days! You might as well call it the face lift pendant, looking so much better. I am now sleeping 7 to 8 hours without waking up. The urinary urgency and at times incontinence is gone! Also the doctor I work with, has had wonderful results with this pendant. She has not taken it off since I gave it to her. We appreciate what you do.
Yvette NP 


The viral and parasite pendant has been amazing!!!!
I haven’t felt bad from any detox, but I’ve felt so great!!
So much energy and focus!!
Even my husband is noticing the difference in wearing his pendant.
Jane & Bill

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