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Calm & Focus

“This is Marcelle, just got my package in the mail with the cannabis pendant. After putting it on for 1 hour all my pain disappeared, this thing is totally amazing! I see you have a new get skinny pendant please send that out to me, use the same card. Thanks!”



The calm necklace has helped me reduce the frequency of going to the restroom constantly. I was urinating every 15 minutes! 


I often had accidents if I was not close to a restroom. Since wearing the necklace 24 hours a day, I am able drink as much fluids a I like and not suffer the consequences of running to the restroom constantly. I also no longer have to wear adult diapers.😁


Thanks for all your help!


~ Cheryl


Yes!!!! Since Daniel started wearing it. He hasn’t taken pain meds in the day.  He does have to still take them at night tho.   But that’s amazing.  I’m so happy.    

Yesterday I was essentially pain free and was so slammed with an order shipping to S Korea I didn’t pay too much attention to a lessening of anxiety as my anxiety level was over the top – I didn’t wear it in bed last night and this AM I had slight back pain (pain level 3) – It’s back on now. 

Good day to you.  Well, you have made us proud, Everyone loves the necklace. Tom can wear his cannabis necklace with no pain as well as Debbie. Thanks.


~ Tom  

I put it on a man with turrets syndrome. Every eye and tick he had calmed down in about forty mins. He was focused.

He could speak better. All his tensions left his body.

You are a genius....I have no pain in my feet..arms..back.. even when I touch those pressure points in my shoulders.. no pain..I love you so much...thank you thank you thank you for caring

OH MY GOODNESS❣️I wore my necklace to bed last night & had the best nights sleep I can remember having in years‼️I didn’t even wake up during the night to use the bathroom. 

Client with hyperacusis and Lyme going through major discomfort, she put on the necklace and noticed significant pain reduction. She was really near the end of her rope and needed this relief.

~ Dr. Emrich


Here’s a update from my sister after using the Cannabis and Viral & Parasite pendants. A few days she noticed her attention was better and the daily headaches where gone, she felt more relaxed and able to focus her thoughts. She started to cry, out of relief that it was possible she could have her mind back again. She said she has been having mostly up days if she drinks water and wears the pendants. The down days are mostly the ones she forgets to drink water. Overall she’s doing much much better. Thank you!

I got the necklace. Im wearing it. Pain around my ankles seems to be gone. Interesting!

I am feeling the same physically but I wasn’t having too much pain this morning HOWEVER, I feel pretty clear headed! There’s a difference already👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Slept with my new necklace, woke up without drinking coffee, my mine is so clear!!!😊

Got the necklace. Thanks. Have it on. Only noticed a light headed feeling, my stress level has already gone way down. From feeling that I was going to have a melt down, to ....caring less about the emotional mountain I need to move this weekend.

Just wanted 2 let u know that wearing the necklace has really helped my pain and anxiety go way down I wear it all day long and love it Thx 

❣️My niece has horrific back problems, several surgeries etc. I put my necklace on her & she is feeling 100% better. She lives in Kentucky & is here until a Thursday. I would really like to have them before she leaves so I can give her one & get mine back. Maybe sent them FedEx 2 day. I will gladly pay for extra shipping❌⭕️

I’m having some pain in my arm today, but NO PAIN in my knee.  For the last week I’ve woke up with lots of pain in my knee but not today👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 Woot woot

As for Daniel, he is no longer taking his pain medication during the day as he was before the necklace, only taking before he goes to bed. Yesterday he was able to do yard work for two hours straight.  Yes, he had some pain after, however, for him to do that kind of physical work was AMAZING!!

Yes I have seen miraculous results with the necklace! My mother she’s 87 and has a bad hip. She can’t do hip replacement because of her age. After wearing necklace, she doesn’t have to use her cane as much in the last two days. She has much less pain in her joints. Stronger in her walking now, with much better mental focus. Thanks!

My back isn’t hurting & I feel more settled👏👏👏.

Cannabis and Energy Booster pendents:
“The effects of the pendants were practically immediate and after 10 hours I was feeling so speedy I temporarily took it off.  My badly cut toe had to be stitched up, was also swollen and bruised, is now pain free!
I haven’t had this kind of energy in several years but especially the past two. I was just feeling old and tired.  I feel like a much younger me.  And, the nerve pains I was experiencing after falling on my face flat out…all gone.  I had twitching in my legs and arms, all gone and this was just the first day!  Day two, today I only wore it 7 or 8 hours just until I began to feel speedy.  I had no foot pain or really any other pain.  I honestly do think that the energy though miraculous is from the pendant.  Thank you very much!
I neglected to mention that my short term memory has amazingly and fantastically improved…it’s been pitiful for more than a decade!!!  

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