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Can you imagine a small device that you simply wear around your neck, transforming your health in a positive direction, every hour of the day? Could it be possible to re-energize your body, sharpen your mind, and adding a higher level of potential to your health?


Think about the living cells in your body as little micro batteries that power and animate your whole body. When cells get to a low state of the energy this can have damaging affects on your body. 


Our life giving biological self can also be resonated by external frequencies, which can also be beneficial or harmful.

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We exist in a large sea of frequencies! These frequencies are both internal and external. Imagine the beneficial environment of being grounded on a white sandy beach, with the ocean waves full of positive ions slapping at your ankles. The earths natural frequency of 7.82 Hz rising from the bottom of our bare feet, mixing and blending with our internal biological frequencies. This influences us in a positive and dynamic way.…our muscular energy, the balancing of our nervous system, and the hormonal balance of our brain. These results happen fast and are profound, a feeling of total peace and calmness.


On the other side...There are damaging frequencies all around us! We can’t escape or hide from the negative affects. Our homes and working environments to utilize fast wireless Wi-Fi communication. The personal cell phone and computer tablets using 5G, pulsating large amounts of data are steamed instantly without hindrance. These are technologies we embrace, that we need, and will never live without. Our vehicles using increasing technology like GPS, technology chips for safety and Highway information do affect our biological cells. This can happen slowly, but often profound. A total feeling of stress and fatigue. This results in lack of sustained energy, subtle to severe memory fog, irritability and depression, along with sleeping problems. Eventually leading to a chronic condition.


There are real solutions. By introducing healthy frequencies, we harmonize and re-calibrate our cellular communication. We can powerfully offset this damage by detoxing and energizing cells towards better health.


The super power pendant is composed of natural occurring magnetite particles, a magnetic iron oxide material that can be infused with power for frequency to address health concerns. The human body utilizes magnetite particles in a brain cells as well as iron oxide in our blood there’s a lot of powerful communication pathways of cellular residence between ourselves and the frequencies programmed in each super power pendant.


As you wear the super power pendant these powerful frequencies are released into each cell of your body, stabilizing and energizing. The results can be remarkable, phenomenal, to absolutely amazing! The side effects? You start to feel really good!

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